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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top Ten Best Chanukah Songs of All Time

The top most awesome Chanukah songs. Got a favorite we forgot? Email

Matisyahu - Miracle
Peter, Paul & Mary - Light One Candle
Tom Lehrer - Hanukkah in Santa Monica
Yerachmiel Ziegler - Days of Light
White Shabbos - 8 Nights
Meshugga Beach Party - Oh Hanukah
Metalish - Al Hanisim
Shlock Rock - My Menorah
Dr. Laz - I Wanna Be a Maccabee
Gefilte Joe and the Fish - Hanukah Rocks
Sarit Hadad - Let's Light a Candle
South Park - Lonely Jew
Adam Sandler - The Chanukah Song
Yidcore - Punk Rock Chanukah Song
Safam - Judah Maccabee
gods of fire - Hanukah Gone Metal
Orrin Hatch - Eight Days of Hanukah
DeLeon - Ocho Kandelikas
Hip Hop Hoodios - Ocho Kandelikas
Gary Lucas - A Hundred Pounds of Clay
Damon and Naomi - Judah and the Maccabees
Para Aduma - Sevivon Sov Sov Sov
Craig Taubman - Al Hanissim
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jerusalem Poetry Slam

Interview with Sadie Lynn and Chaya Goodman of the Jerusalem Poetry Slam, a monthy event that features local talent. Hear about the unique, organic difference between slams in Jerusalem and in the United States. Plus, David Kilimnick of the Off the Wall Comedy Basement talks about finding a wife in Israel.

Plus, the top ten best versions of Maoz Tzur for Chanukah! Featuring Erran Baron Cohen, Craig Taubman, Cantor David Werdyger, Jan Pierce, Ben Kweller, London School of Jewish Song, Michael Vegoda, Adi Ran, Naftali Abramson, Zivi Ritchie, Yehoshua Engelman, Yidcore, Nell Carter, Rebbe Soul and more.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rapper Shyne Speaks from Jerusalem about new found Judaism

It was a warm night in the Old City of Jerusalem as a rather large group of young yeshiva and seminary students gathered to hear a soft spoken, raspy, deep voiced man speak about his journey from jail to Judaism. That man was Moshe Levi, better known as the hip-hop artist Shyne. Many of the youth in attendance were too young to have been familiar that his short rise to fame was simultaneous with his incarceration due to a shooting incident at a New York night club while hanging out with Sean "Puffy" Combs and actress Jennifer Lopez.

The speech was organized by Rabbi Eli Goldsmith of the Jaffa Institute who for several years now has been working with dis-enfranchised yeshiva youth. Rabbi Goldsmith is known for his fundraising concerts featuring local yeshiva youth. He plans to bring Shyne to speak at an event on December 2nd for the dedication of a new wing for the Bet Shemesh Educational Center.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ethiopian Jewish Israeli Music for Sigd

Coverage of the Sigd celebration in Jerusalem. Dr. Avraham Neguise of the organzation South Wing to Zion talks about the history of the holiday. Aviv Melese talks about his CD and the music of the masenqo instrument. Shoshana Ben Dor of the North America Conference on Ethiopian Jewry talks about preserving the prayers of the Gez language. Research student Lior Golgher discusses why the heritage of Ethiopian Jewry is really the heritage of all Jewish people. Plus music from Zemene, Liturgies Juives D'Ethiopie, Malca, Idan Raichel, and more.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Memorial Concert Thursday for David "Harpo" Abramson

Memorial evening for David "Harpo" Abramson
Remembering the music and the message.

Featuring friends and musicians:

Chaim David
Yehudah Katz of Reva L'Sheva
Chanan Elias
Aaron Razel
Jackie Levy
Nitzan Perry
Shlomo Katz
Uriel "Inkblot Hurricane" Abramson

Thursday November 4th 2010 the 27th of Cheshvan
Natali restaurant, Tekoa, Gush Etzion

50 shekels recommended contribution - all proceeds from this special event will go to a special fund for the family.

For more info visit the Natali web site:

Harpo and the Neshamot MySpace site:

Rebroadcast of old Harpo interview:

Harpo and the Neshamot CD for sale on Israel-Music:

The first Harpo solo CD for sale:

Harpo fan video for Ahavat Yisrael:

Mike's Place Jerusalem Returns

Mike's Place, the local hangout known to English speaking residents and tourists has returned to Jerusalem after a year and a half absence. Reuben Beiser, Downtown Dave, and Mordechai Katz about the new location and its impact on the downtown Jerusalem music scene. Featuring music from Mike's Place regulars Remedy and haMakor.

Plus, Jewish jazz genius John Zorn on his Masada songbook and some harrowing music from his infamous Kristallnacht album. Also the Ani Maamin remix from DJ Shua Kiner, guitar rock Shma Yisrael from Jon Epstein and Haymarket Riot, and Jerusalem hip-hop from BenYomen.

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Israel's First Religious Female Hebrew Hip-Hop Rapper

Israeli Jewish rapper Rinat Gutman talks about her switch from folk guitar to hip-hop, why it's more sneeut for women to rap and her tribute to fallen soldier Elazar Leibovitz. Plus Jewish-American hip-hop artist Y-Love joins the conversation on adding spirituality to modern musical genres.

Also, JEST- the Jerusalem English Speaking Theater presents its new play Passengers. Director Leah Stoller and actress Bakol Ruben Gellar talk about the theater's 25 years.

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