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The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviews the latest Israeli and Jewish artists and covers a wide range of styles from Carlebach, cantorial, klezmer, Israeli trance, Mizrachi, rock, Sephardic, hasidic and everything in between. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. IsraelBeat broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ben Epstein of Aspaklaria - New Tunes for Levite Psalms

Ben Epstein of Aspaklaria talks about his new album Shirei HaLeviim, a collection of chilled out rock songs based on the Songs of the Day. Hear about his passion for aliyah and why he took supposedly mundane psalms and turned them into groovy new tunes.

Plus, David Levy a.k.a. Omen X talks about his background as a Jewish Afro-Caribbean from England living in Israel seeking to mix Torah and rock.

Also, Hanukkah Gone Metal, Shlomo Carlebach, Para Aduma and more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chinese Music in Israel, interview with Semantra & more

Interview with Shmuel Nelson and Chanan Elias of the middle east rock-fusion band Semantra.

Interview with Douglas Daigou Li, a Chinese-American musician who performing in Israel.

Also, Jerusalem piano virtuoso Ariel Elisha's new classical CD, Muriel Eileen - The Harp Lady, the Klezmatics and more.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lenny Solomon & Shlock Rock's Innovative New Downloadable CD

Interview with Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock on their new album No Limits, which is being offered as a special "pay what you want " download. Lenny discusses "what is Jewish music? " making aliyah, and how both serious songs and parodies can inspire. Plus an interview with Na Nach Breslov hasidic members who dance and sing with their Na Nach Nachman Me Uman van in the middle of the streets. Also, awesome new Israeli music from Kobi Oz of Teapacks and Asaf Avidan and the Mojos. To download the audio click here.

From Hawaii to Israel with Musician Ken Solin

Ken Solin, a Jewish musician from Hawaii visits Israel and performs live acoustic music in the studio. Hear about how he connected to Jewish spirituality on his small remote island, the physical therapy of rolfing, jamming on Ben Yehuda Street and the similarities between the Hawaiian and Hebrew languages. To download podcast click here.

Aryeh Naftaly, Grateful Dead & Making Aliyah

Interview with Aryeh Naftaly and the Elevators on their new CD "Olim " about making aliyah, singing songs of Zion and their upcoming Grateful Dead tribute concert. Is 60's jam-band hippie music popular in Israel? Find out how Aryeh Naftaly's music led a couple to get married and hear stories of the Carlebach Moshav.

Plus, Blessings of Beauty, relaxing Jewish themed classical music from Laura Leon and Amy Ziegelbaum.

Also the Sephardic Hazzanut Project with Faraj Samra and Sephardic Jerusalem qanun music from Aaron Hai.

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Jewish Rock Photographer Aharon Hyman

Professional photographer Aharon Hyman gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Israeli music scene with stories of famous Jewish bands and his work with singer Dovid Yehoshua. Plus, coverage of the RockAmi festival with music from the Moshav Band, Piamenta and Majuda.

An interview with Infected Mushroom on their new album Legend of the Black Shawarma including an Israeli trance remix of Riders on the Storm by The Doors. Also, hot new music from Matisyahu's opening act, Tel Aviv based religious rocker Erez Lev Ami. To download the IsraelBeat Jewish Music Podcast click here.

RockAmi Festival live simculcast

Live simculcast of the RockAmi Festival at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem with music from Soulfarm, Yood, Piamenta, the Moshav Band, Majuda, Semantra, and Gershon Veroba, hosted by INR's Yishai Fleisher, Malkah Fleisher, Eli Stutz, Ben Bresky and Walter Bingham. With interviews with Soulfarm, Semantra, Gershon Veroba, festival organizer Guma Aguiar, and a variety of young fans. For mp3 download click here. For full text interview with photos and video click here.

Exclusive Interview with Matisyahu on New CD and Tour

Ben Bresky and Yishai Fleisher interview Matisyahu on his upcoming tour in Israel to support his new disc, Light. Hear this hasidic reggae superstar talk about his new musical style and lyrics based on Jewish spirituality. Plus hot new Israeli music from Piamenta, "We Ate Bamba and Drank Cola " by Natan Saban, Shmemel, ethnic middle eastern grooves from Sheva, and klezmer from Chilik Frank and Naor Carmi.
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Yom Kippur Music that Rocks

Celebrate Yom Kippur with a journey through different Jewish musical styles of Unetane Tokef, El Naale Alila, Avinu Malkeinu and more including Eliyakim Beinenstock, electronica from Alon Cohen and Rea Mochiach, guitar distortion from Mogwai, classical cello from Max Bruch, old school Sephardic from Cantor Ezra Barnea, new school pop from Meir Banai, Mizrachi pop from Chaim Israel, neo-cantorial from Udi and David Ullmann, and cantorial rock from Yitzchak Halfon. Plus Israeli top ten hits from Mosh Ben Ari and Eviatar Banai, and more Boombamela music from Ariel and Yitzchok Meir (a.k.a. Isaac Shiraz.) To download the IsraelBeat Jewish Music Podcast click here.

Cool Israeli Jewish Music Podcast

Johnny Cash sings about the Wailing Wall, Shimon Lev-Tahor sings about Boombamela, Pesach Stadlin, Shivi Keller & Ein Od Milvado, the Bat Ayin Band, violin reggae from Michael Greilsammer, Ethiopian-Israeli hip hop from Soulico, Adon Olam trance mash-up from ITP, Latin Israeli jazz from Avishai Cohen, soulful acoustic folk from Isaac Shiraz and hasidic pop from Yaakov Shwekey. To download podcast click here.

Sweet Blessings and Music from Shlomo Katz on New CD

Interview with Jewish singer-songwriter Shlomo Katz on his new CD Malei Olam. Shlomo talks about his new collection of prayers and melodies, recording music on his cell phone, and his famous Irgun uncle, one of the gallows martyrs of Acco Fortress. Plus brand new Matisyahu, Israeli classic rock from The Churchills and Tzvika Pick, and Sephardic metal from Orphaned Land. To download the podcast click here

Jewish Alternative Rock with Chasidica

Sagi and Idan Givol of Chasidica talk about "Chutzpahdik Kedusha" and how they "turned 666 into 770" with their hard rock sound mixed with violins and clarinets. Metalheads leave Australia to start the Yehudi Alternativi concert series in Israel. Plus, Shlichot music from Theodore Bikel and David D'Or. Political hip hop from Awkword and new acoustic folk from Noah Lubin.

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