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The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviews the latest Israeli and Jewish artists and covers a wide range of styles from Carlebach, cantorial, klezmer, Israeli trance, Mizrachi, rock, Sephardic, hasidic and everything in between. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. IsraelBeat broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yiddish Blues, World Beat & Reggae with Wolf Krakowski

Interview with Jewish singer and guitarist Wolf Krakowski on his remakes of classic Yiddish songs from the Holocaust as blues, world beat, folk and reggae. Wolf describes how his personal history infused these melodies in him and his desire to "give the audio finger" to the Nazis.

Also, the Israel Beat Poetry Corner continues with Purim poetry from Efrayim Levenson, author of Dances With Tears.

Plus, music from Danny Golan, Eido Partel, Avishai Amitzur, SHI 360, Amir Elyaho and the CD-giveaway trivia question of the week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Live Jam with Rasta Jewish Rockers Aharit Hayamim Hai

Jerusalem's favorite world beat street band Aharit Hayamim has a new name, new CD and new US tour. Ben Bresky hangs out with this rasta Jewish jam band and gets exclusive acoustic songs. This eclectic group hails from Africa, France, America and Israel. Hear about their adventures performing in the shuk, and their upcoming tour in America including the Jewlicious Festival.

In the second half, open mic podcast poetry with Josiah from Canada. Plus, Chinese singer Yumiko Cheng's cover version of Sarit Hadad's In the Heart of Tel Aviv.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naftali Abramson Rocks Out on New CD

Listen to the latest episode of the Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast hosted by Ben Bresky as he interviews Israeli - Jewish singer Naftali Abramson. This Jerusalem based singer mixes rock, Carlebach, and Irish and celtic music. His new CD Overcoming is a catchy, upeat album with lyrics based on Psalms and other Jewish religious themes. Here him talk about his concerts in America and Europe and his pro aliyah anthems.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Jewish Hits from Daniel Zamir, Shwekey & More!

A mix podcast featuring hot new Jewish and Israeli music from jazz virtuoso Daniel Zamir's new pop album, Yaakov Shwekey live in Caesaria, a pro-IDF tribute from Subliminal, a new rock track from 80's band T-Slam, Oshik Levy, Farbrengiton, Dor Daniel, Tuka, hasidic reggae from Or HaGanuz, Israeli dubstep from Ido Flax a.k.a. DJ Num_Lock and new singer Itzhik Eshel.

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