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Monday, November 14, 2005

Hadara Levin-Areddy concert review

Tonight I went to see Hadara Levin-Areddy play in Jerusalem at the Syndrome. The Syndrome is a small bar in downtown Jerusalem that features live music and has been around for along time. The bartender was petting a cat that was sleeping in a basket on the bar. On the wall behind the stage were large pictures of B.B. King, Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan, whom Hadara pointed to and sang about. She also sang about Tom Waits, Shlomi Shabat and other musicians. She also sang about Hadara, referencing her own name in song. The performance was mostly solo piano. On back-up was a trombone player, "a soul mate", who joined her for light accompaniment and back up on some songs. The audience filled up the smoky bar to the back, where I stood, leaning against the wall near the door. Hadara sang sad, slow sweet songs in both English and Hebrew about love both lost and found, Jerusalem, New York City, and music. Her voice is slightly raspy and slightly similar to Macy Gray. She can also hit beautiful high notes. Some songs were almost like spoken word poems or almost rap. She confesses her feelings with a sly sense of humor and a sense of being in love with life. The audience seemed to like it too. In-between songs, they remained silent, listening to her every word. Quite a contrast to my experiences in America where even the biggest fan is chatting with a friend or watching Sportscenter to check the latest score. If I’m not mistaken, Hadara means splendor and self-respect in Hebrew. The name is certainly befitting. For more info check out