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The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviews the latest Israeli and Jewish artists and covers a wide range of styles from Carlebach, cantorial, klezmer, Israeli trance, Mizrachi, rock, Sephardic, hasidic and everything in between. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. IsraelBeat broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on

Monday, March 26, 2007

New show - Push the Button, Sinai Tor, Daniel Zamir and more!

A music mix featuring Dead Sea Music Festival musicians and new Israeli hits including:

* Sinai Tor - Simcha Gedola - Off his first album, which I like best. He is rumored to be soon releasing a third.

* Knesiat HaSehel (The Mind Church) - Autobiographia - The moody '90s rock group is back with a new hit album.

* Shimon & Or Lev-Tahor - Lihiot Chofshi BMetziut HaZot - I heard this many times in jam sessions before discovering it on the Boombamela web site.

* Adi Ran - Eize Kef Lihiot Yehudi - The acoustic version. "So Fun to be Jewish." And fun to hear him sing about gefilte fish.

* Mordechai Ben-David - Maaminim - I hear this song everywhere in Jerusalem.

* Haakevot (The Footsteps) - Shema Yisrael - Two young army guys. When I interviewed them, they had to ask their commander's permission.

* Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane - I hear this song every day, especially blasting out of clothing stores like TNT, Fox and Castro.

* Teapacks - Push the Button - Israel's entry in the 2007 Eurovision song contest. Click here for lyrics and video.

* Daniel Zamir - Ad Matai - From the Zamir Sings Pop album . He'll be opening for Matisyahu in Jerusalem.

* Avi Sinvani - LaOlam Lo Nifrad - From his live album, for when you can't get enough 9 minute Mizrachi medleys.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hot New Israeli Releases and Vintage Yiddish Oldies

Hot New Israeli Releases and Vintage Yiddish Oldies
March 18, 2007
Click here for mp3 download!

A mix with metal, klezmer, reggae and hasidic music featuring:

Dov Farkas
The Bible and I
Art Shryer Orchestra
Micah Oved
Boaz Sharabi
DJ Tomer Amar
Malavsky Family & Singers of Israel
The Bat Ayin Band featuring Erez Levanon

Newly archived shows of Israeli music festivals

Here's some more oldies from the archives:

* Beresheet Festival
originally broadcast October 15, 2006
Click here for mp3 download!
Sukkot festival featuring a mix of new age hippies and religious folk musicians. For more info visit: Beresheet Festival photo essay

* Boombamela Festival
originally broadcast April 23, 2006
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Interview with a rabbi who attended the Israeli beach festival over Passover. For more info visit: Boombamela Festival essay

* Metalist Festival
originally broadcast June 22, 2005
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Only aired once before, this is my live coverage on the Eli Stutz & Yishai Fleisher Show. No one got Eli's sarcasm as he was the lead singer of a hard rock band in college. For more info visit: Megadeth Plays Israel

* Yitzchok Meir Malek live in-studio broadcast
originally aired Oct 29, 2006
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Everyone seems to know and love this guy who graced our studio with some live, raw and real acoustic ballads. For more info email

Music of the Mountain Jews and Other World Music

Now permanently archived, by request:

Interview with Prof. Edwin Seroussi of the Jewish Music Research Center of Hebrew University about their world Jewish music research series including Jewish Women's Songs from India, Italian Jewish Musical Traditions, Judeo-Spanish Moroccan Songs for the Life Cycle and more.

Click here for the mp3

For more info visit:

Originally aired August 15, 2004

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Way Jews Rock - Live In-Studio Jam with Even Sh'siyah

Ely Cooper of the band Even Sh'siyah discusses the fine line between authentic music and proselytizing. Join us for live music, a lively discussion, Carlebach stories and a little Blues for Kaballah.

Permanently archived!

Click here for mp3 of the show!

For more info visit

Hebrew reggae with Kengeroo

March 11, 2007

Interview with Shauly, the lead singer of Kengeroo on their self described "modern Zionism revelation" music.

Permanently archived!