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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bruno's Brother Erran Baron Cohen Releases Hanukkah Album

Now that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is getting press for being sued by a "former terrorist" for his movie Bruno, it may be nice to read about his more musical brother Erran Baron Cohen, who last year released a CD called Songs in the Key of Hanukkah.

Erran Baron Cohen Releases Hanukkah Album
by Ben Bresky December 14, 2008

( "When I was a child I remember my parents used to play an old Hanukkah record with school children singing out of tune and a bad piano player." says Erran Baron Cohen. Now, the musician known for his "world beat fusion" music has released a Hanukkah album that can be enjoyed by children as well as hipsters.

Songs in The Key of Hanukkah is a compilation album features musicians from the funky rapper Y-Love to the world-beat feel of Yasmin Levy and Idan Reichel to new folk acoustic versions of Rock of Ages. Baron Cohen, whose brother is the star of the hit movie Borat, spoke with Israel National Radio's Ben Bresky about Hanukkah, recording in Germany and cool Jewish music.

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