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Monday, May 21, 2007

Poems of War and Prayer - Live 2 hour mix show

Mordechai, a young poet in process of making aliyah joins us in the studio for a live poetry reading. Plus a music mix.

Hour 1:

HaMakor - rock from their exciting new album
Tapuach b'Dvash & Marina Yakubovich - the queen of Russian-Israeli klezmer
Ofra Haza - the queen of Yemenite-Israeli pop-fusion
Avi Benayoun - new single from the singer-violinist
Hilel & Natan Aviad - modern hasidic with a light electronica flavor
Aaron Razel - from his new one 2 Songs and a Week in Gush Katif
Para Aduma - new album of post-Carlebach redemption rock
The Chevra - Hasidic singers combines 4-part harmony with rock guitars
Shlomo Bar & Habrera HaTiveet - Dreamy, mystical and slightly bizarre
Hayil HaYam - a super oldie from the CD, Songs of 100 Year of Zionism

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Hour 2:

Music interspersed with poetry from

Aharit HaYamim - a great redemption rock-reggae band popular today
Aharit HaYamim - a forgotten Israeli rock band from 1972
Kosha Dillz - The Real Occupation
Idan Reichel Project - a request for the popular Israeli-Ethiopian fusion group
the cd giveaway of the week
Infected Mushroom - Israeli trance duo to get your head bobbing
Moshe "Mona" Rosenblum - the behind-the-scenes king of Jewish music
Ma Kashur - the comedy duo grooves out on Return to Sinai

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