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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Show - Shay Gabso, Neshama Carlebach, Zohar Argov and more

Sep. 17, 2006

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  • * Shay Gabso - Walking - from his new album Instead of Me. The singer from the Kohav Nolad (A Star is Born) contest comes back with his second album. Great soft, driving music.
    * Arkadi Duchin - Last year's double best-of album was a huge top seller. This new album from the former leader of HaHaverim Shel Natasha mixes electric rock guitars with his great voice.
    * Aaron Razel- Two Songs and Two Weeks in Gush Katif. A new 2-song disc. Lots of piano. Light music with heavy subject matter.
    * Ari Chwat - A debut album of guitar based hasidic pop.* Looney Tunes in Hebrew - Congradulations to the contest winners who guessed this. "Ehhh, ma nishma, Doc?" was a dead giveaway.
    * Neshama Carlebach - Great piano on this request from her latest album, Journey.
    * Nurit Hirsh - You may not know her name, but you definately know her classic Bashana Haba'ah. We were forced to sing this in Sunday School, but I still like it.
    * Avraham Fried - Yerushalayim - This is the only song my friend David likes.
    * Zohar Argov - Elinora - I have another frind who hates all music but he loves Zohar Argov. Next time you're at a festival or at the beach, look for the Zohar Argov temporary tattoos next to the Jewish stars, hearts and dragons.
    * Miri Ben-Ari with Nochum Stark - Little did I know that the the Grammy award winning hip-hop violinist came out with a hareidi style album featuring Piamenta and more.
    * Ernest Bloch - Yom Kippur from Israel Symphony - I am obsessed with this classical composer and his Jewish themed music.


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