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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

David D'or interview

I never actually interviewed David D'or in person. That honor went to my co-worker, Walter Bingham. However, on Independence Day I did see David D'or at Zion Square. Well, actually that's not true. I only heard him and his unmistakable vocals floating up Ben Yehuda Street. D'or's new album consists of quality light pop songs, most of which are duets with some of the best of Israel's singers, such as Arkadi Duchin, Arik Einstein, Shlomi Shabat, Meir Banai and more. The song Z'man Ahava, Time of Love is a duet with Ehud Banai. It has recieved a good amount of airplay on the radio and is one of the catchiest songs on the album. The lyrics speak of sitting in the central bus station watching the rain and the music fits perfectly. The other songs are mostly slow ballads. My favorite is the last track, from the Top of the World with the Shiran Choir from the Sharon Valley with its opera-like vocals and dreamy Israeli new-age feel.

The following is Walter Bingham's interview with David D'or conducted on the evening of Jerusalem Day at Sacher Park and aired on Walter's World on Israel National Radio May 28, 2006.

Question: Do you prefer to work before a live audience like this or a recording or television studio?

David D'or: Always live. The energy is totally different. It is like you are giving birth to something new. It is always very unique because it's once in a lifetime. Each show is different from the other. I love to perform in front of the audience much more then the recording studio.

Question: Which was the largest audience you ever performed to?

David D'or: Five years ago I've been to the Vatican. I had a great concert there. In front of the last Pope, the late Pope. It was, I think, 500,000 people. Very big.

Question: How many recordings have you done?

David D'or: I have eight records until now. Some of them are gold and platinum. I love music. I am always saying that I am lucky to have an occupation that I like to do so much.

Question: How did you get into music?

David D'or: Since I can remember, I was always singing. I was in the army in the Army Entertainment Group and then I learned here in Jerusalem at the Academy of music. I am trying to have a mixture in my music of the classical music and the world music and the pop music. Something that's more wide, not only classical.

Question: For those people who don't know much about your music, which is the song that you think made you world famous?

David D'or: I have a song in Hebrew the name is Tishmor al HaOlam Yeled, it means Protect Our World Child. It's quite a famous song.

Question: Are you going to sing it here today?

David D'or: No. I'm going to sing a new song. It's for the title of this evening, Yerushalayim Shel BaLev, Jerusalem in Our Heart, and it's from my new album. It's called Time for Love.


Walter Bingham is a veteran journalist from London, England. He is the host of Walter's World on Israel National Radio. He can be contacted at

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