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Sunday, May 07, 2006

New discs

Radio Music Hebrew
2006 Anana LTD.

A cool mix of Israeli sounding pop with some rap, rock and Mizrachi sounds. Features new pop stars such as Miri Masika, MC Shiri, and Pini Hadad. The cover is a cool cartoon of the group's home town of Sderot complete with falling Kassam rockets, Disengagments and every Israeli stereotype I can think of.

Mordechai Ben-David
Efshar LeTaken
2006 MBD Music Inc.

More great stuff from the classic singer who brought us Moshiach Moshiach Moshiach. Some songs sound like they could be from any year. Others sound very modern, such as the track with the klezmer clarinet, shofar and electronic dance beat. Focus falls on Ben-David's singing voice mixed with a men's chorus on some tracks. Many songs are based on religuous versus and Pslams. Other tracks are sung in Yiddish.

demo disc

My friends Mat and Julie are moving so they gave me a bunch of discs they didn't want. One of them was Pulse, a hard rock group with Hebrew lyrics. Some songs boarder on progressive metal but the vocals are not screamed that loud. Other tracks are a haunting female singer mixed with downbeat piano.